Awards & Honors

AED Awards and Honors
Standard Awards:

The Meehan/Hartley Award for Public Service and/or Advocacy
Awarded to members of the eating disorders community (whether or not they are AED members) who have demonstrated leadership and service in the public domain, driving services, policy, public awareness or action for sufferers and/or carers.

2016 June Alexander
2015 Chevese Turner
2014 Laura Collins
2013 Karine Berthou
2012 Mary Beth Krohel
2011 Cynthia Bulik
2010 Mary Tantillo
2008 Susan Ringwood
2007 Kitty Westin and Claire Vickery
2006 Michael Levine, PhD, FAED
2005 David Herzog, MD
2004 Armando Barriguete, Fabian Melamed, Ovidio Bermudez, Paulo Machado, 
Fernando Fernández-Aranda, PhD, FAED


AED Leadership Award for Clinical, Administrative or Educational Service
Awarded to AED members who have shown exceptional levels of leadership in one or more of the stated domains, driving research, education, clinical practice or services for those who suffer as a result of eating disorders.

2016 Evelyn Attia, MD, FAED 
2015 Eric van Furth
2014 Richard Kreipe
2013 Debbie Katzman
2012 Rachel Bryant-Waugh
2011 Judy Banker
2010 Howard Steiger
2009 Ulrike Schmidt
2008 Ron Thompson, Ph.D., FAED
2008 Roberta Sherman, Ph.D., FAED
2007 Pat Fallon, PhD, FAED
2006 Michael Strober, PhD, FAED
2005 Robert Palmer, Ph.D.

AED Leadership Award for Research
Awarded to AED members whose research and research leadership is outstanding in fields relating to eating pathology and eating disorders.

2016 Kelly L. Klump, PhD, FAED 
2015 Fernando Fernández-Aranda
2014 Daniel Le Grange and Jim Lock
2013 Susan Paxton
2012 Stephen Touyz
2011 Hans Hoek
2010 Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
2009 Steve Wonderlich
2008 G. Terrence Wilson, Ph.D.
2007 Manfred Fichter, MD, PhD
2006 Cynthia Bulik, PhD, FAED
2005 Ruth Striegel-Moore, PhD, FAED
2004 Janet Treasure, FRCPsych
2003 B. Timothy Walsh, MD
2002 Christopher Fairburn, MD
2000 W. Stewart Agras, MD
1998 Walter Kaye, MD
1995 James Mitchell, MD

AED Lifetime Achievement Award
Awarded to AED members whose contribution to the field across their career had made an outstanding contribution.

2016 Walter H. Kaye, MD, FAED 
2015 Christopher Fairburn
2014 Janet Treasure
2013 Terry Wilson
2012 James Mitchell
2011Bryan Lask
2010 Bob Palmer
2007 Francesca Brambillla, MD
2004 Peter Beumont, MD
2000 Paul Garfinkel, MD
1998 Katherine Halmi, MD
1996 Gerald Russell, MD
1996 Arthur Crisp, MD
1995 Albert Stunkard, MD


Special Awards:
Special honors are awarded at the discretion of the Board, for individuals whose contribution is exceptional, despite not fitting the above categories.

AED Distinguished Service Award

2015 Annie Cox and Jacqueline Schweinzger
2013 Tim Walsh
2012 Michael Strober
2011 Joe Ingram
2002 Joel Yager, MD
1998 Amy Baker Dennis, PhD

AED Outstanding Clinician Award

2013 Lucene Wisniewski 
2012 Phil Mehler
2011 Diane Mickley
2010 Ivan Eisler 
2008 Susan Willard, MSW, FAED
2003 Marsha D. Marcus, PhD
2000 Pauline Powers, MD
1998 Arnold Andersen, MD

AED Public Service Award

2013 Marisa Garcia
2011 Beth Klarman
2000 S. Kenneth Schonberg, MD
1995 Susan Blumenthal, MD

AED Mental Health Advocacy Award

2007 US Rep Patrick Kennedy 

AED Global Impact Award

2008 Judith Rodin

AED Corporate Award

2009 Bos, International and Claude Carrier
2008 Unilever

AED Research Practice Partnership Award

2012 Michael Levine
2009 Tri Delta International Fraternity and Carolyn Becker