World Wide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders

The World Wide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders is a collaborative global initiative to change the way eating disorders are treated and those with eating disorders are supported. In 2005, a group of AED members and others affected by eating disorders put out a survey that reached 1,730 people in 46 countries asking for their concerns and their hopes. What developed was a remarkably similar set of concerns and solutions.

Read/Download the Charter (PDF)

The Charter distills those answers in six clear directives: 


I Right to communication/partnership with health professionals 
II Right to comprehensive assessment and treatment planning 
III Right to accessible, high quality, fully funded, specialized care 
IV Right to respectful, fully-informed, age-appropriate, safe levels of care 
V Right of carers to be informed, valued and respected as a treatment resource 
VI Right of carers to accessible, appropriate support and education resources 

In June 2006, a World Summit on Eating Disorders in Barcelona announced the Charter at the first global meeting of professional, patient/carers, and other stakeholders. Delegates from around the world and conference participants were invited to participate in this Summit, which featured the signing of the Charter and a work session focused on ways to enact the standards set forth in the Charter. 

Watch a 45 minute video on the U.S. launch of the Charter in Washington D.C: