New Investigators

New Investigators Special Interest Group

The New Investigators Special Interest Group includes a mix of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty members and clinicians who are new to the research community. We feel that New Investigators can benefit by playing a more integrated role in the Academy, and this SIG therefore is dedicated to the growth and development of all junior members.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Give junior scientists the opportunity to establish contacts with senior members from similar areas of research to help foster mentoring relationships.
  • Educate and inform members about academy, career and research related activities/opportunities including grant writing, funding sources, postdoctoral fellowships and available job openings.
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss issues and concerns relevant to junior members and get feedback from peers, and to promote the sharing of information and resources.

Future Goals and Planned Activities

  • The New Investigator SIG is excited to announce the formation of a new peer mentoring program. We are currently developing this program within our SIG so that more junior members are being paired up to be mentored by more senior SIG members (i.e. a postdoctoral fellow would mentor a graduate student; an assistant professor would mentor a postdoc, etc). Eventually, our aim is to expand the mentoring program to include senior members of the Academy so that we can help bridge the gap between the junior and senior investigators in the field.
  • Keep members informed about events and issues relevant to new investigators
  • Give junior scientists the opportunity to establish and maintain contacts with new and senior members from similar areas of research
  • Keep in touch with those you meet at meetings

Past Activities and History

- The first meeting was held at the 2003 International Conference on Eating Disorders.
- The peer mentoring program was initiated at the 2008 meeting in Seattle Washington.

The SIG could include various subcommittees to focus on:

Communications: to ensure that all members feel they are being kept up-to-date wherever they are based around the globe, and to communicate with other scientists. This subcommittee might include aspects such as a listserv and a section of the Academy Newsletter designed to provide all junior scientists the opportunity to be informed on issues that may be of interest to them, and also for members to contribute ideas of their own.

Career: to provide an opportunity for new investigators to meet representatives from clinical fields, academic research, and/or industry who have studentships, postdoc positions and/or jobs available. Grant writing seminars and research teaching days could also be sponsored by the NI SIG.

Social: social events at the larger meetings will give all new investigators the opportunity to meet and converse in a more relaxed atmosphere and get to know other junior scientists with similar backgrounds and interests.


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