Nutrition Special Interest Group

The members of this SIG are seeking growth and education in application of nutrition expertise to individuals living with an eating disorder. The SIG functions as a source of support, consultation and collaboration for its members by addressing clinical dilemmas, sharing referral and resource information and promoting scholarly presentations at both eating disorder and general nutrition conferences. This SIG welcomes all healthcare professionals with an interest in nutrition research and clinical practice, and we encourage a multidisciplinary association.

Future Goals and Planned Activities

  • Provide a forum through our listserv for members to discuss key publications related to the clinical and empirical issues related to nutrition, and to promote the sharing of information and resources among professionals
  • To encourage and support dietitians and other members of the SIG to consider sharing their work by way of abstract submissions to AED conferences
  • To submit and/or sponsor a "discussion panel topic" for presentation at each annual AED conference
  • Explore opportunities and develop education and teaching days focused on nutrition and the treatment of eating disorders
  • To establish relationships with eating disorder-focused nutrition SIGs within the AED sisterhood and other professional bodies

Nutrition Listserv

The Nutrition SIG has its own listserv through AED. In order to log on to the listserv you will need to log in to the Members Only area of the AED website. Click on AED Listserv and then select AED Nutrition SIG to see a list of recent posts. To post a new message, click the link in the purple header at the top of the table. 

Change of Leadership

The Nutrition SIG co-chairs are Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RD, LN (2013-2016) and Susan Kleiman, BSFS (2014-2017). Co-chairs are limited to a term of three years, with new co-chairs called for via the AED listserv and elected/appointed at the relevant AED conference.

How to Become Involved

If you are interested in learning more about this SIG, or would like to become involved in helping us attain our goals for this coming year, please contact either of the co-chairs.


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