Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Special Interest Group


The Bariatric Surgery SIG became official in 2000 with 45 members enjoying a lively conversation together online and 30 people in attendance at our first ICED SIG meeting in Vancouver in 2001. Two years later we held the first AED SIG sponsored ICED panel discussion in Denver, Colorado in 2003.

The SIG continues to thrive and grow as weight loss surgery becomes an increasingly common choice for the morbidly obese. We welcome physicians, nurses, nutritionists, mental health professionals, and all who share an interest in high quality care and treatment for bariatric surgery patients.


  • Broaden and disseminate the growing body of knowledge regarding gastric bypass surgery to members of the Academy, interested professionals, and the general public.
  • Promote standards of excellence in medical and psychological care of Bariatric surgery patients.
  • Promote pre-surgical screening and evaluation of Bariatric surgery candidates that will help effectuate the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Advance multidisciplinary treatment and post-operative care that will augment success and ensure long-term maintenance.

Current Activities

The Bariatric Surgery SIG is currently collaborating with the Medical Care SIG on a Teaching Day in Philadelphia for medical and eating disorder professionals: Learning How To See Success: Cutting Edge Essentials in the Management of Eating Disorders and Bariatric Surgery Recovery

The goal for this workshop is to provide the best and most current expertise in the field to Physicians and Eating Disorder Professionals regarding medical, psychological, and nutritional issues relevant to the recovery of eating disorder and bariatric surgery patients.

Past Activities and History

Vancouver, Canada, 2001

First Bariatric Surgery SIG Meeting

Boston, Mass, 2002

SIG Meeting with presentation by George HSU, MD

Extreme Obesity - Metabolic Defect or Eating Disorder?

Denver, Colorado, June 29, 2003

SIG Meeting

Panel Discussion with James Mitchell, MD.

Techniques, Complications and Outcomes 

Maureen Dymek, Ph.D.

Presurgical Psychosocial Evaluations 

Carol Signore, LMFT

Post Operative Treatment and Support and Video-Weight Loss Surgery: An Inside Look.

Orlando, Florida, 2004

SIG Meeting

Panel Discussion with Brenda Wolfe, Ph.D. and Anne Fursland, Ph.D.

Presurgical Evaluations

Montreal, Canada, 2005

SIG Meeting with Presentations by Members

Workshop: The Psychiatric and Psychological Assessment of Bariatric Surgery Candidates

By Donald E. McAlpine, MD and Matthew M. Clark, PhD. 


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