Psychodynamic and Integrated Psychotherapies

Psychodynamic and Integrated Psychotherapies Special Interest Group

The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (PP) SIG is an open venue for the discussion of clinical issues relevant to the practice of a psychodynamic approach to the treatment of eating disorders, as well as a forum for fostering collaboration on and discussion of empirical initiatives and writings related to the psychodynamic treatment of eating disorders. Topics addressed in recent PPSIG conference activities include:

  • How to effectively integrate a psychodynamic approach with short-term behavioral treatment modalities and team treatment
  • The clinical challenges of working psychodynamically with eating disorder patients, particularly in light of symptom management
  • The use of countertransference as a tool in the treatment of eating disorders
  • The role of the therapeutic relationship in the treatment of eating disorders
  • The correlation between current findings in interpersonal neurobiology and a relationship-focused approach to treatment
  • The group also promotes the discussion of research projects, writings and other resources that support/address members’ interests and concerns

Future Goals and Planned Activities

Current PPSIG Activities and Coordinators:
Research Project Collaboration: David Tobin
Resource and Literature Library: Ann Green
Educational Activity Coordinator: Laura Weisberg

Additional Meetings and Activities

March 2007: PPSIG meeting at London International Eating Disorder Conference

Past Activities and History

The PPSIG was formed in 1998 and has conducted annual meetings at the AED international conferences and at the London Eating Disorder Conferences since that date.

The PPSIG has also presented workshops, discussion panels, and invited speakers at the AED international conferences and collaborated with the CBT SIG on a research project investigating therapeutic interventions practiced in the field by eating disorder clinicians.

A paper on this project, “I know what you did last summer (and it wasn’t CBT): A Survey of Therapeutic Strategies Used by Eating Disorders Clinicians” was presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society 2005 meeting in Toronto and at the 2006 AED Barcelona ICED.


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