Suicide Special Interest Group

Eating disorders (EDs) have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder (Sullivan, 1995). Previously, the high mortality rate in EDs was attributed to physical and medical complications secondary to the disorder. However, recent research reveals that (1) Most anorexia-related deaths are due to suicide (Fedorowicz et al., 2007); (2) Individuals with EDNOS have been identified as having suicide rates similar to that of anorexia (Crow et al, 2009); (3) One third of individuals with bulimia will attempt suicide at some point during their lives (Corcos, 2002); and (4) Individuals with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) have been identified as being more likely to have a history of past suicide attempts than the rest of the population (Grucza et al., 2007). Despite high suicide rates in EDs, there are only a handful of studies investigating suicidality in EDs. Furthermore, very few ED clinicians have specialized training in suicidality, which is essential for this population. The goal of the Suicide SIG is to increase the awareness of the risk for suicidality in EDs, to promote scholarship and training related to suicide in EDs, and to provide a forum for professionals to discuss research, emerging new treatments, and training opportunities related to suicide in EDs.


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