Family-Based Treatment

Family-Based Treatment Special Interest Group

The SIG is intended to be a network of professionals interested in FBT and the support of the family in the treatment of eating disorders. Our focus will be on manualized (Lock and LeGrange) FBT as well as similar non-manualized variants of FBT that follow these principles:

  • Agnostic view of causation
  • Separation of the illness from the person with the illness
  • Family/significant others seen as part of recovery and having skills to aid recovery
  • Follows three phases of treatment:
    • Phase 1: Parents/significant others in charge of refeeding with goal of full nutrition/weight restoration
    • Phase 2: Age-appropriate transfer back of control
    • Phase 3: Achieving healthy adolescent/young adult autonomy/discussing remaining issues
  • The person with an eating disorder has not chosen to have an eating disorder
  • The focus of initial treatment is disruption of eating disorder-maintaining behaviors with specific goals of weight restoration


  • To examine how FBT is utilized in the community and what clinicians are doing to make the transition from research to practice
  • To share resources and current developments in the field and to facilitate communication between clinicians and researchers
  • To educate the public and other clinicians about FBT
  • To provide support to clinicians doing FBT
  • To promote the AED position paper on the role of the family and advocate for families
  • To provide a forum through the listserv for members to update one another on research projects and to discuss clinical issues related to the practice of FBT
  • To explore broader applications of the basic underlying principles of FBT in treatment of eating disorders
  • To host a workshop at the ICED
  • To create an international list of providers of FBT

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