Genes and Environment

Genes and Environment Special Interest Group

The purpose of this SIG is to unite AED members interested in understanding the role genetic and environmental factors play in influencing liability to eating disorders. Topics will include, but are not limited to, genetic epidemiology, family and twin studies, linkage and association studies, genome-wide association studies, gene-environment  correlations and interactions, endophenotypes, gene expression studies, epigenetics and novel approaches to the understanding of genetics as they unfold. The primary focus of the SIG will be to enhance understanding of how genes and environment will work together, giving rise to anorexia nervosa, bulimia, nervosa, binge eating disorder and eating disorder symptoms. The SIG will also address genetic and environmental factors relevant to comorbid and related conditions including other psychiatric disorders and obesity, as well as animal models that inform eating disorder risk.

Specifically, the aims of this SIG are:

1. To promote knowledge and sharing of current findings pertaining to genetic and environmental risk factors for eating disorders and related conditions.

2. To develop greater unity among researchers and clinicians interested in the genetics of eating disorders, paving the way for novel collaborations and a transdisciplinary team-based approach to scientific discovery.

3. To educate the broader AED community regarding the role played by both genes and environment in the etiology, prevention, maintenance and treatment of eating disorders, as well as the importance of applying these findings to current clinical practices.


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