Somatic and Somatically Oriented Therapies

Somatic and Somatically Oriented Therapies Special Interest Group

Disturbances in body image and body experience are key features of eating disorders. As an academic field, however, we are just beginning to appreciate the potential efficacy of somatically oriented treatment approaches in addressing the challenges our clients face in this arena. In this context, somatic and somatically informed treatments primarily refer to approaches that integrate bodily based and psychological interventions, e.g. Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Sensori-motor Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Embodied Yoga, EMDR, Music Therapy, forms of Occupational Therapy, etc.  However, we envision that this SIG will also be a home for those interested in the application of more narrowly defined somatic interventions e.g. cranial sacral and massage, yoga, etc.  We do not see it, however, as focused on nutritional interventions, psychopharmacology, TMS, ECT per se.  Our hope is that through the creation of a special interest group within the Academy for Eating Disorders, we will have a forum to bring together researchers and clinicians to examine the role of body-based approaches in the treatment of eating disorders. 


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