Outside Funding and Training Opportunities

Several other organizations offer funding opportunities for eating disorders research. Specific application requirements can be obtained by clicking on the title of each award below.

Research Grants and Training Opportunities

Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders (STRIPED)
Eating disorders and disordered weight control behaviors present a significant threat to the health of adolescents and adults, yet they remain largely overlooked by public health and preventive medicine professionals. To address this critical need, we launched STRIPED in July 2009, based at the Harvard School of Public Health and Children’s Hospital Boston, with the goal of building a transdisciplinary training initiative that will generate professionals with the depth and range of expertise and skills needed to take on the challenge of eating disorders prevention.

Our initiative is a public health incubator, designed to cultivate the creation of novel insights and strategies for prevention by introducing trainees to a rich array of disciplinary perspectives, methodologies, and theories and providing them with opportunities to join crosscutting collaborative teams.