Treatment-Related Videos

Treatment-Related Videos

(See also Recovery-Related Videos further below.)

(Webinar) This Emotional Life:
Recovery from an Eating Disorder: What Does Real Recovery Look Like?
Dr. Ovidio Bermudez  

Teen body image (2:01)
Deb Franko, PhD 


Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for
Anorexia Nervosa
Angela Celio Doyle, PhD  


Food as coping mechanism (1:53)
Melainie Rogers, MS, RD 


Eating Disorders Meal Support (35:28)
Kelty Mental Health 

Families not to blame for eating disorders (1:01)
Ken Weiner, MD 

Around the Dinner Table2

Around the Dinner Table; an interview with experts on the role the family plays (3:24)
Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, MS   

Carolyn Costin

Eating disorder prevention (1:51)
Carolyn Costin, MA, M ED, MFT, FAED 



The following videos were provided by BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.


What does physical recovery from an eating disorder look like? (0:38)

What are the stages of change or recovery, and what can helpers do to facilitate change? (4:33)

What lessons can parents learn from other families who have gone through the recovery process? (5:14)

What are the different components or modalities of treatment? (1:21)

What does nutritional recovery look like? (0:36)

How can parents best support their child through the recovery process? (3:07)

What should parents do if their child simply refuses to eat? (5:48)

What role do parents play in eating disorder treatment? (3:54)

Why would a child or youth need to be admitted to hospital for an eating disorder? (1:01)

Why is it important to have a multidisciplinary team to provide treatment? (2:19)

Why should a child or teen struggling with an eating disorder want to try to "eat normally"? (0:43)

Where a child or youth "should be" in terms of height and weight when treating an eating disorder? (0:30)

Eating Disorder Nutrition (11:00)