Press Releases

AED Press Releases

Press Release: Weight Stigmatization Prevalent in Youth Television Programming
September 17, 2014

Press Release: Increased Fracture Risk For Girls with Anorexia Nervosa
June 13, 2014

AED Opposes BMI Reporting and Fitnessgrams in Schools
May 30, 2014

Eating Disorders - A Hidden Phenomenon in Outpatient Mental Health?
October 17, 2013

AED Emphasizes Physical Health More than BMI
Concern over new fitness guidelines for the Boy Scouts of America's Jamboree
July 25, 2013

Healthcare Professionals Condemn Abercrombie CEO’s Weightism Statements
May 14, 2013

AED Praises First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Statements on Childhood Health and Well-Being; Healthy Behavior, Not Weight, Emphasized
April 3, 2013

AED Releases Recommendations for Residential/Inpatient Eating Disorder Programs for Higher Care Standards
February 27, 2013

AED Applauds Iceland for Proposed Inclusion of a Ban on Weight Discrmination in its Constitution
December 5, 2012

AED Installs 2012-13 Board of Directors
July 27, 2012

AED Applauds Ashley Judd's Criticism of the Mass Media's Attention to Women's Bodies and Appearance
April 16, 2012

AED Joins Protest Against Selection of Jenny Craig CEO to Speak at Girls Conference
April 5, 2012

AED Applauds Closing of Disney's Habit Heroes at EPCOT Innoventions
March 1, 2012

AED: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Spotlights Need for Education and Treatment
February 22, 2012

AED Condemns Body-Shaming and Other Approaches Used to Reduce Obesity
January 30, 2012

Eating Disorder Organizations Join Forces to Urge Focus on Health and Lifestyle Rather Than Weight
December 11, 2009

AED Applauds Efforts of Fashion Industry Leaders to Challenge Unhealthy Ultra-Thin Images of Beauty
October 22, 2009

AED Issues New Position Paper on The Role of the Family in Eating Disorders
September 15, 2009

AED Honors Excellence in Field, Academy
June 9, 2009

AED Cancels Conference Due to H1N1 Virus Concerns
April 30, 2009

Eating Disorders are Serious Mental Illnesses
March 26, 2009

Eating Disorder Symptoms More Common Among Female Athletes and Exercisers
July 28, 2008

Eating Disorders in Adolescents
Nov. 26, 2007

Scientists, Model Call on Fashion Industry to Shape Up
May 1, 2007

Academy’s Bill of Rights Helps Patients Through Maze of Eating Disorder Treatment Options
Nov. 10, 2006

Eating Disorders Organization Calls On Insurers to Cover Treatment
Nov. 8, 2006

Academy Calls for Warning Labels on Pro-Anorexia Web Sites
Nov. 3, 2006

Academy for Eating Disorders Calls for Ban on Underweight Models
Oct. 26, 2006

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