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Frequently Asked Questions for the AED Community

Below are some frequently asked questions about the AED Community. Click on a question to learn more about how to use the AED Community (formerly the AED Listserv) and get the most out of your Community experience!

What happened to the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) listserv?
The older email-based AED listserv has been migrated onto a web-based community known as the AED Community.

How do I find the AED Community?
The log in page for the community can be found at

I’m having difficulty logging in to the AED Community.  Why can’t I log in to the Community using my AED username and password?
The AED Community uses a different platform than the AED website and requires a separate member name and password. Eventually the two will be integrated into a single log in, but that is still under construction at this time. 

How do I join the AED Community?
You can join the community by clicking on the "Join Community" button at the bottom left of the Community webpage (  You may also access this page from the main AED webpage by clicking on the "AED Members" tab and then the "AED listserv" tab on the left side of this page.  Community membership is limited to AED members.

How can I tell who is posting on the AED Community?
Once logged into the Community you will be on the "AED Discussions" page.  This page displays the most recent discussions that have been posted in the main discussion forum (open to all members).  All discussions in both the main discussions as well as discussions that are taking place in subsection forums (SIGs) can be accessed on the left side of this page by clicking on the category of interest.

What are the rules governing discussions on the AED community?
The rules for the community can be found by clicking on the "Read the Community Guidelines" tab at the bottom of the community log in page.

Can I promote my latest book/article/treatment program through the AED Community.
No. The following are not permitted:

  1. Promotion/advertisement for treatment centers, treatment providers, or commercial publications
  2. Profanity, personal attacks or inflammatory remarks
  3. Personal communications
  4. Posting of identifiable patient information
  5. Content including political, religious and commercial material (an exception can be made for political content that directly affects association interests, e.g., bills before Congress)
  6. Information about specific charges or fees for services
  7. Commercial job postings including post-doctoral positions
  8. Advertisements for office space rentals or inquiries seeking office space

Can I promote an educational opportunity through the AED Online Community?
Yes, with prior approval.  The following types of posts need prior approval by the AED Electronic Media Committee to be posted to the Community: 

  1. Solicitations for conferences
  2. Solicitations for donations
  3. Research studies

How do I sign up for a subsection/category discussion forum?
To join a subsection/category discussion click on the name of the category of interest.  From there click on the "Subscribe to this category" tab.  You will be asked to click on the frequency with which you would like to receive updates to this forum (instantly, daily, or weekly).  Once you have chosen a frequency you will be signed up for this discussion forum.  It is important to note that this action does not sign you up for Special Interest Group (SIG) membership which must be done through the SIG main page.

How do I reply to the entire community vs to an individual only in a discussion?
At the bottom of each email you receive from the AED Community there will be 3 options - "Reply only to XXX (sender)," "Post A Response To All" and "Start A New Discussion".  Click on the appropriate tab.  If replying from through the AED Community webpage clicking on "Reply" will reply to all.

How do see my SIG membership and/or sign up for SIG membership?
To sign up for a SIG you must be an AED member and sign in to your member account ( then click on "AED Members" tab).  From the "Member’s Home" click on "Edit Your Profile" tab at the left side of the page.  At the bottom of this page you will see "SIGs Interested in:" which lists all the SIGs you are currently participating in.  To join a new SIG click on the edit icon on the right and select the SIG you are interested in.

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