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Resources for Patients and Carers

Welcome to the Patient and Carer Page of AED’s website. Below you will find links to resources on our website that are of specific interest to eating disorder patients and their caregivers.

About the AED Patient-Carer Committee (PCC):

AED Pages of Interest to Patients and Carers:

·        Eating Disorder Information

·        Fast Facts on Eating Disorders

·        Advocacy Efforts

·        Treatment Coverage Issues

AED Recommended Resources and Services:

·        Glossary of ED Terminology

·        World Wide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders

·        AED Clinical Practice Recommendations for Residential and Inpatient ED Programs 

·       AED Video Page

Non-Profit Organizations with Moderated Support Forums:

The organizations listed below host moderated online peer support forums for caregivers and/or patients. This is not intended to be a complete list. Support groups vary in their quality and focus and are not a replacement for on the ground treatment.

·        F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) - International

·        NEDA’s Proud2BMe Forum (National Eating Disorders Association) – United States

·        BEDA (Binge Eating Disorder Association) – United States

·        B-eat (Beating Eating Disorders) - United Kingdom

·        Eating Disorders Victoria - Australia

Important Documents

·        AED Guide to Recognition and Medical Management of Eating Disorders” Booklet for General Health Professionals

·        “Nine Truths about Eating Disorders” Collaborative Awareness Document

·        The Role of the Family in Eating Disorders” AED Position Paper

·        Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs” AED Position Paper

·        AED Opposes BMI Reporting and Fitnessgrams in Schools” AED Press Release

·        See all AED Position Statements

·        See all AED Press Releases

Ways to Get Involved:

·        Contact the Patient/Carer Committee (PCC) – Communicate your concerns. The AED Patient/Carer Committee is made up of patients, carers, and professionals who volunteer their time to advise and help with AED initiatives of particular interest to patients and carers. The PCC serves as a liaison between non-professionals and the AED Advisory Board.

·        Join the AED - Patients and carers are welcome to join the AED. Representatives of eating disorder advocacy organizations and individuals who want to be involved with eating disorder advocacy and education issues are particularly encouraged to join. Please keep in mind that the AED is a professional organization and membership benefits and content are primarily aimed at professionals in the eating disorder field. Learn more about AED Membership

·        Join Another Patient or Caregiver Centered Advocacy Organization – Many non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to run their activities and operations. The list of organizations with support forums (above) is a good place to start.

·        Attend the International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED) –AED offers both member and non-member pricing for their annual conference.  This is a good way to connect and meet other ED advocates, treatment professionals, and researchers.

·        Stay in touch through Social Media – Visit the AED Facebook Page and follow the AED on Twitter