Membership Types

Membership Types


  • Hold an advanced degree, meeting the degree requirements in their field.
  • Are trained and have experience in the field of eating disorders.
  • Are involved in public or professional activities related to eating disorders organizations or the field of eating disorders.


  • This membership is for patients, carers, and other non-professionals who have no professional affiliation with eating disorder research or treatment.
  • Eating disorder professionals are not eligible for this membership category.


  • The New Professionals category is designed to encourage student to become regular members of the AED as they develop their career in eating disorders
  • Must have been an AED student member within the last two years.
  • Allows members to get a discount for two years.
  • May utilize the Introductory Rate discount for one year or the New Professional Rate for two years, not both.


  • One year reduced rate to new AED members or those returning to AED after a hiatus of five years or longer, not both.


  • For individuals who are between undergraduate and graduate school (currently not in a degree granting program). Restricted to a maximum of three years.
  • Designed to be affordable for non-professionals. 


  • This category is only for members who are currently in a degree granting academic or a formalized training program (this includes, but is not limited to undergraduate/tertiary and graduate educations, postsecondary education, fellowships, internships, residencies and medical registrars).
  • Members who have achieved the terminal degree in their field and are not in a formalized training program recognized in their field are not eligible for student status (this includes members who are studying for licensure in their field or working toward additional certification that is not part of a degree-granting requirement).
  • The Academy reserves the right to make final determination on eligibility for this status.


        Lifetime membership will be considered for current AED members who meet the following criteria:

        • The member is no longer gainfully employed (no paid employment) and,
        • The member’s minimum age is 62 and,
        • Belonged to the Academy for the last 10 years or who are Founding or Charter members.
        • Members may be nominated by the Membership Committee or by a Board member; membership subject to Board approval.

        To apply for Lifetime Membership, please email

        2024 Membership Dues

        In order to reflect the international nature of our organization’s mission and membership, AED uses a tiered dues structure with fees based the World Bank's world development indicators.

        Zone One is made up of high-income countries, Zone Two of upper-middle income countries, and Zone Three of lower-middle income and low-income countries, as defined by the World Bank. Find your country's classification here

        Need Help? 

        If you have any questions about AED membership, would like to receive a pdf application form, or need any other help joining AED, please contact