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 Why should we weigh, and why do so many stay away from weighing? The case for open weighing as central to good practice in psychological therapies for eating disorders

Weighing patients openly (i.e., so that the patient is aware of their weight) is a core element of a range of evidence-based therapies for eating disorders. However, there is plentiful evidence that many clinicians do not weigh their patients openly or at all. Various arguments are cited for this failure to implement evidence-based therapies in full. However, those arguments are usually about the short-term comfort of the patient or the therapist, rather than the long-term needs of the patient to learn and change. Indeed, cultures have grown up whereby clinical services and individual clinicians avoid open weighing as a matter of policy and practice (e.g., not having scales visible or present; asking others to do the weighing of the patient; blind weighing the patient), regardless of the potential benefits that open weighing conveys (particularly safety and addressing the core pathology of the eating disorder).

This webinar will address the reasons that we should weigh our patients, and the reasons that clinicians use for not doing so. It will draw on the evidence, as well as clinical experience and case material, in order to remind attendees of the reasons that we should weigh our patients, regardless of our own short-term concerns. Discussion will be encouraged, so that views can be addressed, and skills developed.

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August 22, 2022, 11am-12pm ET


Glenn Waller
Glenn Waller is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sheffield, UK. His clinical and academic specialisms are evidence-based CBT for eating disorders, and why clinicians drift from effective treatment. He has published over 325 peer-reviewed papers, 20 book chapters and four books in the field, and regularly presents workshops at national and international meetings. He is Chair of the BABCP Scientific Committee. He is past president of the international Academy for Eating Disorders, and is on the editorial board of Behaviour Research and Therapy. He was a member of the NICE Eating Disorders Guideline Development Group, responsible for the 2017 update to the eating disorders guideline.


Renee D. Rienecke, PhD, FAED, Director of Research, ERC/Pathlight, Associate Professor, Northwestern University