Member Benefits

Benefits of Your AED Membership

Membership in the AED provides numerous opportunities for collaboration with a multidisciplinary, international group of eating disorders specialists. Additional membership benefits include:



  • International Journal of Eating Disorders, the official journal of the AED, is published monthly online and bi-monthly in print by Wiley.
    • Available to members in digital format. You can even earn CE credit for reading specific featured articles!
  • Academy for Eating Disorders Newsletter – The AED Forum
    • AED’s newsletter features valuable eating disorders research and treatment information, job opportunities, and workshop and conference listings. Published quarterly.

Online Learning

Events & Training

AED Conferences & Seminars

  • Discounted registration for AED Annual Conferences and AED sponsored educational conferences and training seminars.
  • Educational opportunities, scholarships and grants are available both through the AED and outside organizations.
  • Members have access to a large list of available scholarships that encourage eligible students to enter the field and help professionals in the field of eating disorders enhance their career.
  • We are also a resource for grant funding opportunities available to support research in the fields of eating disorders and obesity.
  • Events Calendar – Access updates on local and global conferences and meetings.

Book, Video and Publication Catalog

  • The latest in peer-reviewed and practice-related professional materials as well as a vast array of client and consumer education publications. 
  • Members receive preferred pricing on publications and other Academy products and services.

Connections & Support

AED Leadership Roles

  • All AED members are eligible to participate in AED Committees and Task Forces. Lend your skills or learn new ones while helping contribute to and guide AED’s support for members and the field. View AED's Organizational Chart.

AED Community

  • By joining the community of AED members, you have immediate access to a global, multidisciplinary network of professionals and valuable resources.

AED Social Media

  • Join the discussion on AED and eating disorders news on AED's Facebook and Twitter profiles, or join AED's members-only LinkedIn group

AED's Online Community

  • Professional networking, referral exchange, and timely dissemination and discussion of relevant information from your desktop. Use the Online Community to ask colleagues for information and advice; give information of general interest to listserv participants (e.g., commenting on a general issue, informing participants of an upcoming conference that may be of interest to all members, etc,); or reply in person to requests for help. 

AED Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  • AED's Special Interest Groups allow individuals with shared interests to discuss and collaborate on specific issues within the eating disorder field. Join as many SIG online discussions as you would like!  Some examples of our SIGs include: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Bariatric Surgery, Nutrition, Neuroimaging. 

ICED Mentorship Program

  • Facilitating mentoring relationships for members, at the annual International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED), AED pairs interested AED members with more seasoned AED members (based on interests) at a “meet and greet” type social event. The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for members to receive short-term (and potentially lasting) mentorship from experienced AED leaders. Mentors may also benefit from interaction with up-and-coming professionals by networking and facilitating optimal training and retention of promising professionals who will be the future of the AED. Sign up to become a mentor or mentee during the general ICED registration process.