The Eating Disorders Research Society Annual Conference 17-19 September 2021

By Brian Belko posted 09 Sep, 2021 19:53


Annual Conference 2021 - 17-19 September

The Eating Disorders Research Society (EDRS) is an international organization of researchers in the field of eating disorders interested in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and obesity. The purpose of the organization is to hold an annual scientific meeting during which the most recent research in the field can be presented and discussed.

This year’s meeting has transitioned to an online/virtual event. Using a combination of online platforms, educational content in a live session format will be delivered with the added bonus of on-demand access to session recordings for 30 days following the event.

Conference highlights include live plenary sessions, live Q&A with presenters, on-demand virtual, posters with optional videos, asynchronous Q&A with poster presenters, and on-demand access to all content for 30 days following the conclusion of the conference.

Notable sessions include a pair of keynote presentations, multiple symposiums on a variety of science-based eating disorders knowledge, as well as paper sessions and poster sessions on a wide range of topics. You can find a full and detailed schedule of events at the EDRS Conference website here.

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