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Research for BIPOC Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists

  • 1.  Research for BIPOC Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists

    Posted 01 Nov, 2022 21:13
    **This post has been approved by the AED Online & Social Media Committee**

    My name is Amy Biang, and I am completing a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision at UNC Charlotte. I am seeking participants for my dissertation titled Examining the Lived Experiences of Counselors of Color Working in the Eating Disorder Profession.

    As eating disorders affect people from all races and ethnicities, research needs to mirror those who work with this population and learn from their experiences. Please consider participating in this study if you meet the following criteria.

    Participant Criteria:

    • Associate or fully licensed professional counselor, social worker, or psychologist
    • Identify as a Person of Color
    • Have training or specialization in eating disorders and currently work with clients or have worked with EDs in the past but are not currently working in the field.

    If you are eligible to participate, there will be a semi-structured interview process via a recorded Zoom video conference. This interview will take approximately 45-90 minutes, including feedback via email for credibility and dependability.

    The first 15 participants will receive a $15 Visa gift card by email once the interview is complete. The time stamp on the Qualtrics Survey will be used to identify the first 15 respondents. Participants will be told in the scheduling email if they are one of the first 15 respondents and eligible for the gift card. Gift cards are given only once the interview is complete. 


    If you would like to participate, please access the study through the Qualtrics link. This survey contains informed consent and a short demographic questionnaire. You will then create a pseudonym and provide an email for scheduling the interview.


    Contact Information: If you have questions contact me at or 520-331-3796.

    Thank you for your participation,


    Amy Biang LCMHC, CEDS

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Doctoral Candidate, Counselor Education and Supervision


    Clare Merlin-Knoblich Ph.D, NCC

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Assistant Professor, Counselor Education


    Amy Biang LCMHC, CEDS
    Redlak Recovery Center
    Concord NC
    (520) 331-3796