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Research study to develop an eating behavior questionnaire for children and teens

  • 1.  Research study to develop an eating behavior questionnaire for children and teens

    AED Fellow
    Posted 16 Jun, 2023 17:24
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    Current measures of eating disorder behaviors do not always reflect the diversity of children and teens who get eating disorders. This makes it hard to accurately monitor improvements in treatment.

    Researchers at the University of Kansas and Children's Mercy – Kansas City are conducting this study in order to develop a questionnaire that measures eating and feeding disorders in children and teens, called EPSI ChAT (Eating Pathology Symptoms Inventory – Child and Teen). Our goal with this questionnaire is to be able to accurately diagnose these disorders in youth and monitor improvements during treatment.

    We invite children and teens ages 10-18 to participate. Participants must be fluent in written and spoken English, and must not have diagnoses of intellectual or developmental disability, a reading-based learning disorder, or current medical conditions that might interfere with appetite or body weight.

    Children and teens who are eligible will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires that is expected to take 60 minutes to complete. The questionnaires will ask questions about your child's mood, anxiety, and behaviors and thoughts about eating. Children and teens who complete the questionnaires will be provided with $30 via ClinCard, a research payment card.

    If you are interested in your child/teen being involved in this research study, please click the following link to complete our eligibility survey:

    Feel free to email us ( with any questions or concerns about the study.

    Kelsie Forbush Ph.D.
    University of Kansas
    Lawrence KS
    (785) 864-6525


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