Here I Am Campaign

AED Congratulates JCPenney’s “Here I Am” Campaign

As a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment and prevention, the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) congratulates JCPenney’s marketing campaign for their new plus-size clothing line, “Here I Am.”

JCPenney’s “Here I Am” commercial features body advocates including singer Mary Lambert, clothing designer Ashley Nell Tipton, author Jes Baker, yogi Valerie Sagun, and style blogger Gabi Fresh. Perspectives are shared on the following important topics: what it means to be fat, challenging the stereotypes, and liking yourself.

In this “Here I Am” commercial, the women dispel the old fashioned myths and stereotypes about how women in larger bodies should be. They speak of their own positive body image and that only they can define who they are and what they wear. They even ask the question if they would be happier if thinner – and the answer is a definite “no.”

This campaign takes an important step in publicly challenging messages of weight stigma, and AED applauds JCPenney’s forward thinking. Our hope is that other retailers will follow JCPenney’s pioneering campaign, which challenges mainstream messages that perpetuate weight-based stigma. “Here I Am” supports AED’s position that people can be healthy at any size.