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Year-End Campaign

2021 has proven to be another challenging year as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic losses have continued to take a great toll on many, including the AED. Through it all, the AED has stayed connected as best as we can to provide you with resources and opportunities to engage with your peers by continuing to provide educational resources and staying connected with the community. We're calling on you to help sustain the AED by helping us reach our year-end fundraising goal to raise at least $10,000.

As a reminder, your giving will:

  • Help support and sustain our many AED initiatives and educational opportunities, including the ICED in Monterrey, Mexico, and our year-round training opportunities.
  • Provide funding to student members of the AED through research grants and ICED travel scholarships.
  • Increase access to the ICED for clinicians, experts by experience, and colleagues across the globe in areas with less financial resources for professional training.

Supporting AED financially helps us spread the word about our mission, develop educational resources, fund fellowships, grants, and scholarships, help fund AED's Student Research Grants, and help support many more of our initiatives in program development and outreach.

Make a difference and donate today. No donation is too small, we thank you for your support of the AED and our mission to provide global access to knowledge, research, and best treatment practices for eating disorders. You can also consider adding a donation of $25 or more when you renew!

Donate to the AED General Fund

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We can't say it enough but thank you for your continued support in propelling our collective mission to provide global access to knowledge, research, and best treatment practice for eating disorders. None of what we do would be possible without you.

We understand that it may be financially challenging to give during this time. Any amount will make a difference if you are able to donate.

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