Alicia Aleman

La Casita

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La Casita
Puerto Rico 964
Provincia de Buenos Aires
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Psychologist in Central Military hospital


Psychologist in Clinic Neuropsiquiatric  Crusamen. Tigre . Prov. De Bs

1991 a 1999

Psychologist in Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martín, Adolescent program.

Family Therapy. Psychodiagnosis. . Working with patients with eating disorders issues

1993 a 1997

Cordinator Area of Disability in Capital Federal ,INSSJP.


01/1994 - present.     


·         Psychologist  , Coordinator, Psychologyst  Department “La Casita” Foundation. Belgrano. Argentina

·         Psychotherapy sessions:   Working with patients with eating disorders issues.

Working in individual therapy, family group therapy, link therapy, and group therapy sessions, taking into account  the patient himself, his friends and family as well, as it is specifically required to develop each case in a multi- disciplinary team and to reach a 360° focus on each patient. Further support material is required like a helpful tool in the patient  recovery treatment  such as books, audio visual material- according to each  case- to make  the communication process easy between all the individuals involved.



1997 a 2007

Cordinator Area of Disability in Italian Consulate in Argentina. Working with families in that area.