Special Interest Groups (SIGS)



The Nutrition SIG is an international network of academic and health care professionals with interest and expertise in nutrition therapy in the treatment of eating disorders


  • Kerri Heckert
  • Francesca Golfin 

Mission Statement

The Nutrition SIG offers membership to anyone who shares an interest and passion in the nutrition aspects of eating disorder treatment and prevention. The mission of our SIG is to reinforce the importance of nutrition research and the clinical practice of nutrition as an integral part of the multidisciplinary prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

Our Goals

•    Achieve excellence in supporting individuals with eating disorders and their families through Medical Nutrition Therapy and nutrition counseling. 
•    Promote evidence-based, weight-inclusive care with the goal of achieving holistic wellness and reducing risk of relapse and chronic illness.
•    Educate clinicians, researchers and the public about how nutrition plays a role in the prevention, detection and early intervention of eating disorders. 
•    Utilize shared expertise to develop resources for clinicians, educators and community organizations.
•    Initiate and support research activities that furthers the evidence-based practice of nutrition therapy in eating disorders. 
•    Promote international resource sharing among clinicians. 

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