Private Practice

Private Practice


Private practice providers across disciplines have different concerns, needs, and pressures than those working in academic, hospital or HLOC settings. Resources may be limited, and the setting may be isolating. And yet, private practice clinicians are often the frontline professionals who first diagnose and treat individuals with eating disorders. This special interest group seeks to provide the support, education, and resources that clinicians across disciplines need to establish and run a private practice AND meet the needs of people with eating disorders in their communities.  We offer webinars, workshops, consult groups, and an overall forum that is focused on needs pertinent to private practice such as translating research into "real world" community practice, business concerns, best practices, liability, working together with other treatment team providers, etc.


  • Lauren Muhlheim
  • Lauren Anton

Our Goals

  • Create a community of support for providers who may experience isolation in the private practice setting.

  • Promote resource sharing among providers that will enhance effective treatment of individuals with eating disorders in the private practice setting.

  • Provide education on evidence-based treatments and their adherent and modified implementations in private practice.

  • Share effective means of training and implementation of evidence-based treatments within the limitations of private practice.

  • Share experiences in establishing successful private practices that meet the needs of clinicians and clients

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