Somatic & Somatically Oriented Therapies SIG


We are an interdisciplinary group of clinicians and academicians interested in the application of body based interventions to the treatment of eating disorders. This includes somatic experiencing, dance movement therapy,  sensorimotor therapy, embodied yoga, accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy, Cranial Sacral Alexander Method Rubenfeld Method, Hakomi Occupational Therapy  and more.


  • To disseminate information regarding the use of somatically oriented treatments with eating disorders
  • To provide webinars, workshops, and other trainings regarding somatic treatments for eating disorders
  • To facilitate discussion and promote research collaborations between practitioners of somatic therapies and researchers to establish an empirical basis for the use of somatic therapies with eating disorders
  • To promote a greater presence for body based therapies at the ICED conference
  • To develop a library of resources for practitioners of somatically oriented treatments and interested others

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